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Hello again everyone! It feels like ages since I've been on here, but I've been busy busy busy trying to get the new site sorted.

It is getting there, in fact it's about 99% complete as I type, but the secure end still needs some adjusting (so it actually works and doesn't chuck up errors). Some very keen members have already found this out! :oops: I am very flattered that people are keen to see BBD back up and running again though, which is really nice and makes all the effort worthwhile! :)

I'm afraid it's a bit of a one-person show, which is why things aren't going to plan. I'm relying on help from donations and friends to help get it running (I can't afford to get it set up professionally). It could be up and running by this weekend, then again it might be a few weeks, it depends on how things go. I am doing the best I can though, and I'm just as fed up.

On the plus side, I have got some new expansion scenes ready for when things finally get going again! And some super-size boobs/bras for after that! I also dug out some old-old images I did many years ago (which I had completely forgotten about) showing a monster Blimp-Bra. This is years before I started doing Bras By Design, so it was quite amazing to see I'd thought of the Blimp-Bra concept before then! They're a bit shakey, but the size is very impressive!! :dance:

So, expect plenty of new, boobyful updates when the site does eventually get running properly! Hopefully that's something to look forward to!

But for now, it's back to boring website tinkering!
Take care and all the bust! :waves:
BBD xx

p.s. The site might be on and offline now and again due to testing, but I'll post here to let you know when it is actually officially online. I've had a few keen members sign up by accident only for nothing to happen! Sorry about that, but I'll let you know here! :)
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August 3, 2011


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